Current Projects:

SMA Characterization, Model Development and Design

Fatigue and Fracture of SMAs

High Temperature SMAs (HTSMAs)

Magnetic SMAs(MSMAs)

Numerical Analysis and Design of Aerospace Applications Incorperating

Shape Memory Polymers (SMPs)

Hybrid SMA Composites

Past Projects:

Compact SMA Actuators


Dynamic SMAs

Multifunctional Materials

Non-Linear Vibration of SMA Systems

Porous SMAs

Smart Skin

SMA Actuators

Space SMAs
Shape Memory Polymers (SMPs)
Focus: To characterize the finite deformation behavior of shape memory polymers (SMPs) and to develop and implement constitutive models for describing and predicting this behavior.

Thermomechanical experiments are performed to characterize the material response for finite deformations (>10% strain). The experiments use optical strain measurement techniques (e.g., laser, digital image correlation). The material properties are used as input to finite deformation constitutive models.

The models are numerically implemented in a user material subroutine (UMAT) in ABAQUS, validated by comparing with additional experimental data, and then used to predict the material response for free recovery and constrained recovery boundary conditions.

People Involved with Shape Memory Polymers (SMPs):

Brent Volk