Current Projects:

SMA Characterization, Model Development and Design

Fatigue and Fracture of SMAs

High Temperature SMAs (HTSMAs)

Magnetic SMAs(MSMAs)

Numerical Analysis and Design of Aerospace Applications Incorperating

Shape Memory Polymers (SMPs)

Hybrid SMA Composites

Past Projects:

Compact SMA Actuators


Dynamic SMAs

Multifunctional Materials

Non-Linear Vibration of SMA Systems

Porous SMAs

Smart Skin

SMA Actuators

Space SMAs
Magnetic SMAs(MSMAs)
Focus: To develop and perform stability analysis on phenomenological constitutive models that describe the magneto-thermo-mechanical coupling of magnetic SMAs.

Phenomenological, constitutive models are developed to describe the behavior of magnetic SMAs (e.g., NiMnGa). These models use Maxwell's magneto-static equations and account for the couplings between the magnetic field, temperature, and mechanical loads. Effects of martensitic reorientation as well as field-induced phase trans-formation are considered.

The models are implemented in COMSOL Multi-physics and used to simulate the behavior of the magnetic SMAs. Analysis is performed to determine the stability of the solution.

People Involved with Magnetic SMAs(MSMAs):

Krishnendu Haldar