Current Projects:

SMA Characterization, Model Development and Design

Fatigue and Fracture of SMAs

High Temperature SMAs (HTSMAs)

Magnetic SMAs(MSMAs)

Numerical Analysis and Design of Aerospace Applications Incorperating

Shape Memory Polymers (SMPs)

Hybrid SMA Composites

Past Projects:

Compact SMA Actuators


Dynamic SMAs

Multifunctional Materials

Non-Linear Vibration of SMA Systems

Porous SMAs

Smart Skin

SMA Actuators

Space SMAs
High Temperature SMAs
Focus: To understand the interaction between transformation and viscoplastic mechanisms by conducting thermomechanical experiments and microstructural studies, and to develop constitutive models which account for these interactions.

Thermomechanical experiments are performed on High Temperature SMAs (HTSMAs) using a quartz furnace, extensometer, and grips. Test temperatures often range up to 600C (compared to <100C for conventional SMAs).

At these temperatures, viscoplastic effects become prominent and the associated strains are measured to calibrate and validate the rate-dependent constitutive models. The constitutive equations are implemented in ABAQUS and used to predict the behavior of HTSMAs at different temperature rates.

People Involved with High Temperature SMAs:

Parikshith Kumar