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SMA Characterization, Model Development and Design

Fatigue and Fracture of SMAs

High Temperature SMAs (HTSMAs)

Magnetic SMAs(MSMAs)

Numerical Analysis and Design of Aerospace Applications Incorperating

Shape Memory Polymers (SMPs)

Hybrid SMA Composites

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Compact SMA Actuators


Dynamic SMAs

Multifunctional Materials

Non-Linear Vibration of SMA Systems

Porous SMAs

Smart Skin

SMA Actuators

Space SMAs
Fatigue and Fracture of SMAs
Focus: To understand the actuation fatigue mechanisms and fracture properties of SMAs.

Actuation fatigue tests are performed to determine the expected life of an SMA actuator. A constant load is applied to the specimen and the temperature is cycled. Trends are established for the fatigue life as a function of the applied load and the cooling method. Microstructural evaluation is preformed to identify failure mechanisms to aide in future alloy development.

Finite element calculations are carried out to determine the mechanical fields near the crack tip and to examine the toughness enhancement associated with trans- formation dissipation in the wake of an advancing crack.

People Involved with Fatigue and Fracture of SMAs:

Abhay Mohan
Austin Cox
Antonino Parrinello
Theocharis Baxevanis