Current Projects:

SMA Characterization, Model Development and Design

Fatigue and Fracture of SMAs

High Temperature SMAs (HTSMAs)

Magnetic SMAs(MSMAs)

Numerical Analysis and Design of Aerospace Applications Incorperating

Shape Memory Polymers (SMPs)

Hybrid SMA Composites

Past Projects:

Compact SMA Actuators


Dynamic SMAs

Multifunctional Materials

Non-Linear Vibration of SMA Systems

Porous SMAs

Smart Skin

SMA Actuators

Space SMAs
SMA Characterization, Model Development and Design
Focus: To characterize the thermomechanical response of shape memory alloys (SMAs) and to develop and implement three-dimensional, phenomenological constitutive models to predict the response of engineering applications that incorporate SMAs.

Thermomechanical experiments are performed on dogbone specimens (e.g., NiTi) to obtain the material properties of the shape memory alloys. The material properties are used as input to the constitutive models that have been developed.

The models are implemented in a user material subroutine (UMAT) in ABAQUS and used to analyze engineering applications which incorporate SMAs.

One such application is that of the Boeing Variable Geometry Chevron (VGC), which features SMAs mounted on a composite substrate to reduce noise during takeoff and landing as well as drag during cruise.

People Involved with SMA Characterization, Model Development and Design:

Parikshith Kumar
Majid Tabesh
Stephen Oehler
William Whitten